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Alexander Lorenz


To design and re-invent the same things. To design and re-invent the same things again and again signifies the possibility to keep on extracting new aspects from life and the illusion to be able to manipulate it. The form of an object expresses a certain mood, a certain feeling, a certain way of life into which a designer betakes himself for a short time, the next moment finding himself back again in normal life – possibly a little bit changed. Because the volatility of each condition manifests itself in the variety of its appearances, discovering new and unknown appearances is the great adventure of designing. Therefore, the style of a designer may not be what he has discovered but the manner how he tries to discover. To Lorenz the chance to be able to understand and to perhaps indeed interfere creatively beyond the specific purpose is the most beautiful and exciting aspect of design.

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News & Events

Bathroom furniture by Philipp Aduatz for Klomfar

Designer Philipp Aduatz has created a series of bathroom furniture resembling many of his previous works though featuring a novel and innovative character.

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Marqué furniture collection by Alessandro Zambelli

Marqué is a set of furniture pieces: a dry bar, a console cabinet and a coffee table. The collection rethinks its use of materials – iron, copper and brass – in “cabinetmaking” terms.

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Valentim sofa by DAM

Its light and turned structure in solid wood interprets the architectural element of the balcony – a space to share both moments of conviviality or of intimacy as a kiss.

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