Loop & Co

Loop&Co is the trademark of the Polo Group s.r.l.

The group was established in 1998 by the vision of Cornacchia family. It is a project that came about in Southern Italy, an area where true Italian values like passion and workmanship still predominate. It is generated by the experience of an industrial group that has been operating in the furniture sector for many years. It came into being the mission of furnishin all homes with top-quality sofas and armchairs.

The design and style take inspiration from the colors of the sky and the plateaus, from the design and features of landscapes. Geometrical designs and volumes alternate in the products with a contemporary style, where leather and fabrics are carefully selected thanks to a long standing innovative research, with the aim of always offering the highest comfort.

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Agata Lounge Chair Image
Agata Lounge Chair
Helmut High Back Sofa Image
Helmut High Back Sofa
Salina Lounge Chair Image
Salina Lounge Chair
Alessandro Sofa Image
Alessandro Sofa
Helmut Sofa Image
Helmut Sofa
Ginger Pouf  Image
Ginger Pouf
Alfio Sofa Image
Alfio Sofa
Pino' Sofa
Greta Bench  Image
Greta Bench
Amarone Sofa Image
Amarone Sofa
Thomas Sofa Image
Thomas Sofa
Mugello Pouf Chair Image
Mugello Pouf Chair