Paola Vella

Graduating in Industrial  Design from the Institute of European Design in 1998, Paola Vella worked at Studio Gabellini Sheppard Associates in New York and for the architect Carlo Colombo in Milan before establishing Bernhardt-Vella in 2008 with Ellen Bernhardt. Together they are involved in a broad sweep of design projects, from interior to product and visual communication.
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Blossom Armchair Image
Blossom Armchair
Blossom Lounge Chair Image
Blossom Lounge Chair
Dea Side Chair Image
Dea Side Chair
Dea Lounge Chair Image
Dea Lounge Chair
Luisa Side Chair (Wood back) Image
Luisa Side Chair (Wood back)
Musa Side Chair Image
Musa Side Chair
Spring Lounge Chair Image
Spring Lounge Chair
Spring Sofa Image
Spring Sofa
Stick Armchair Image
Stick Armchair
Blossom High Stool Image
Blossom High Stool
Blossom Cabinet Image
Blossom Cabinet