FORME, a subordinate entity of Eastwind Mandiri, boasts three decades of expertise in craftsmanship, solidifying its position as Indonesia's premier furniture company specializing in manufacturing, home furnishings, distribution, and exports. Committed to delivering a holistic experience to every client, FORME offers an extensive collection of lifestyle furniture, perfect for enhancing the elegance of various rooms and spaces.

The intricately designed creations are born from the finest materials, showcasing a fusion of panel, metal, leather, and solid wood furniture. The distinctive and contemporary designs of FORME products are a testament to their quality, thanks to the seamlessly integrated capabilities employed in their production.

They advocate for a belief that home design ought to exude style and uniqueness. Offering a collection of upscale design pieces, their selection is well-suited for living spaces of varying sizes, striking an impeccable balance between casual comfort and inviting coziness. Their focus is on designing and curating top-notch, timeless interior designs, ensuring accessibility, and keeping you abreast of the latest trends in the industry. This way, they aim to assist you in transforming your envisioned space into a tangible reality.


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