With a long family tradition, the company has been treating leather and saddle leather since 1921 with dedication, mastery and experience. Frag cultural and technical experience has gone hand in hand with continuous research, an ever-increasing expertise even when it comes to treating materials other than leather and saddle leather and valued by the creativity of international designers. T+A1:E14e latest design.

Frag success on the market is due to the up to date shapes, contemporary suggestions and signs which mold materials and their memory and reinterpret their features, turning them into expressive potentialities. Frag offers some classics of contemporary design which fit in perfectly both in the domestic warmth and the cosiness of new collective areas. The work begins with an accurate selection of the leather hides. Then, thanks to its technical expertise, Frag turns traditional materials into a contemporary, rational product, drawing inspiration from other fields like the fashion and leather industries.

Saddle leather thus plays an outstanding aesthetic and functional/ structural role. Frag puts to use its long experience to choose the best leathers and mold them with mastery and class. Saddle leather, in particular, is a material that is difficult to treat because of its stiffness, is skilfully processed thanks to Frag know how, which makes it an expert in this field. Even softer leathers, which are also proficiently processed, are seen as something more than a mere upholstery.


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