Davide Gallo

Young and innovative products of international flavour are those presented from Gallo’s Ouch! Studio, a new reality that makes of research and creativity its guiding principles.
Inspired by the charm and the vanguard of Nordic design, but also to the beauty and the uniqueness of the handmade, they are able to combine functional and original ideas with tradition and craftsmanship of made in Italy.

Founded in 2010, Ouch! Studio collaborates with international companies in the field of fashion and design, creating products that - due to their uniqueness and particularity – resemble real artworks. The study of materials, the research and the discovery of present and unpublished forms and lines, have given rise to a series of products tied to the nautical world, in which the rope plays a predominant role.

Born Nest Collection, a collection of furniture made by the skilled hands of local artisans who analyse and reinterpret the old workings as that
crochet, applying them to new materials.

The attention to detail, the uniqueness of the process, the precision and
care of the finish recount and praise the manual skills of the Italian territory, applied to the sophisticated design of Accademia.