G.e.r Fauciglietti

Graziella Bianchi, vice-president of FAUCIGLIETTI Engineering, received her secondary school-leaving diploma in art education from the Cantù Furniture Art State Institute (Istituto Statale d'Arte per l'Arredamento). Renzo Fauciglietti, after receiving his diploma in art education from the Cantù Furniture Art State Institute, attended STS (Higher Technical School of Engineering) in Switzerland, followed by a Master in Industrial Design. He consolidated and continually updated his know-how through collaboration with the most important cultural institutions in Italy and abroad: the Milan Polytechnic, MIP, ITI, Centro Volta in Como, SDA Bocconi, C.N.R. in Milan.

In 1986, Graziella Bianchi and Renzo Fauciglietti established the OK Studio and then, in 1989, as a direct offshoot of this, they launched the FAUCIGLIETTI Firm, with a precise intent to contribute to revamping R&D, planning and the creation of new design products with real innovative contents. Fauciglietti has received various appreciations in Italy and abroad, including: Mentions at the Milan COMPASSO D'ORO and at the NESTE FORMA FINLANDIA 3; 1st and 2nd TECNHOTEL Prize in Genoa; Silver Medal at the BATIMAT, in Paris. In 1994, he was commissioned by the Lombardy Region to plan a new methodology for the development of industrial products.
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