Giopato & Coombes

After having met at University in London, Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes began their creative career. Cristiana, after returning to Italy, finishes her studies at the Politecnico Di Milano and works for Makio Hasuike. Once graduated, in 2002, she begins collaborating with Patricia Urquiola, for whom to she works until 2006, following various projects both in architectural and design fields. Christopher, after graduating at Brunel University in 2001, transfers to Milan and collaborates with George Sowden and Sebastian Bergne. Since 2006 they have been working together on most projects, in which their design visions collide. They have worked with clients such as Fiam Italia, Livit, Beside, Industreal, Guzzini and Habitat, Miniforms, Glass Idromassaggio. Exhibitions and Awards: The New Italian Design, Istanbul, 2011 Uncoverd, Milano 2010 La mano del Designer, FAI, 2010 Design Addicted - I volti del Design di domani, Milano 2010 Hidden Heroes, SuperstudioPiù, salone del Mobile, Milano 2009 Prime Cup, Triennale di Milano, 2008 D come Design, Torino, 2008 Spazio Orlandi, mostra monografica, Milano 2007 Orecchietta, dal Design al Gusto, Milano 2007 New Italian Deisgn, Triennale di Milano e Madrid, 2007 Promosedia 2006, section on invite selected by P. Urquiola, Udine ‘06 Room X, Habitat Regent Street Londra 2006 Model Ideas, Milano 2005 Sensi Divini, Triennale di Milano, 2004 In dust we Trust, Milano 2004 Salone Satellite 2000, con “Young & Design ‘00” First Prize.

Giopato & Coombes
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