Joe Colombo

JOE COLOMBO (Milan, 30 July 1930 – Milan, 30 July 1971 ) He attends the Politecnico and the Brera Art Accademy in Milan. After an important experience in the informal art, he designs the X Triennale setting in 1954 and in 1956 he realizes his first building in Milano (Via Rosolino Pilo) In 1963 he sets up his own studio in Milan and he devotes himself to the design of industrial products, many of which, when differently assembled, are proper object systems. Pioneer in ergonomic study for design, he develops well unique defined in space products, of sculptural and dynamic appearance at the same time.

Joe Colombo has left many examples of the originality of his intuitions, deriving from a constant research into new technologies and from a deep sensitivity in establishing a relationship between humans and the constantly evolving habitat. On these basis he creates futuristic “machines for living “: the multifunction units VISIONA 1, TOTAL FURNISHING UNIT, CABRIOLET-BED and ROTOLIVING that influence the new way of living in small open spaces (lofts).

Joe Colombo introduces the relationship between space and time in design and he defines furniture as autonomous, flexible, coordinated, convertible, and independent from the architectural contest. Furniture is equipment to be used in different ways and times “at the service of the user”. STUDIO JOE COLOMBO Founded in 1963 by Joe Colombo, the Studio Joe Colombo deals with design, renovation and interior design, basing its research on new technologies and on the constantly evolving relationship between humans and the habitat. For eight years Joe Colombo designs objects that will become design icons.

After his premature death in 1971, the study continues the activity thanks to the architect Ignazia Favata, his assistant. Linked to the thoughtful and thorough relationship between design and mass production, started by Joe Colombo, and with a clear vision of the problems inherent to the spread of mass-production, the Studio Joe Colombo deals with the actualization of the objects in production, in addition to unreleased items. The work of the studio is also characterized by intense museum activities and publications related to the work of Joe Colombo, besides numerous exhibitions of various nature, as well as design and renovation of properties of various sizes.
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