Palmer Earley

Texas native, Palmer Earley has lived his life with a decidedly unorthodox approach, fully embracing his free-spirited personality, and always motivated by art.


Earley’s passions have been the driving force in his life. He is a lifelong skateboarder turned surfer, toured across the country with bands, had an accomplished film and television career in New York and Los Angeles and lived in London as a writer. Now that passion is focused on product design.

Palmer Earley founded his first company, Architects & Heroes Interiors (AHI) in 1997 in Austin, Texas. In 2010, Palmer sold AHI to Four Hands Furniture and became the Creative Head of their lighting division. Today Palmer's designs are carried in over 150 stores across the globe, including Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie and ABC Carpet & Home.

In September 2013 he launched his newest venture, Nellcote Studio. Nellcote Studio is a lighting design workshop based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Nellcote Studio features all handmade designs, a rarity in today's manufacturing world. Lead by Palmer Earley, his designs emphasize the quality of both form and function and are truly one of a kind. The brand exhibits unabashed originality, known as elegant, yet undeniably cool. Palmer describes his approach, "It's all about quality and originality. It's not about fashion. I strive for designs that are timeless. We believe in creating a unique product that lifts the spirits of the home, and inspires it's owner."

Palmer Earley's new collections are driven through an organic inspiration combined with architectural symmetry.

Palmer Earley
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