Studio Marco Viola

Marco Viola has been living and working in Udine since 1992, and has been working for more than 25 years in Studio Marco Viola and has been working with Italian and international brands, constantly intersecting roles of art direction, brand coding, dedicated graphics, interior decoration, scenography and design of spaces and structures.

Marco Viola is neither an architect nor a designer, if we want to talk about academic education, but a curious traveler attracted by objects, their nature and their approaches. Each project, each set of scenery or set for Marco Viola is Wunderkammer of everyday objects. The exaltation of a space, a product, an architecture passes through this conception: to build new spatial and decorative concepts through the unusual and lateral use of everyday objects. Every detail is fundamental, especially if used in an unconventional way. And then there is the use of color to exalt each project: the color that helps the delimitation of the look and the fruition of spaces, the color that guides the spectator to the understanding of the object.

And then the experience gained in years of collaborations with the most diverse companies: the total opening to elaborate melange of experience and put them in play for each new project.

Studio Marco Viola has collaborated and collaborates with some of the most famous companies in the world of design and subject matter: among customers Moroso, Fantoni, Gervasoni, LinivisbleL, Potocco, Bross, Glass Idromasaggi, Pradina, Synthetic, Invisible, Acheo , Snaidero, Pianca, Cinex, Derve Decor Store, Missoni Home, Casa Vinicola Antounutti.
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